About Us

The Arlington Agricultural Research Station is used by almost all disciplines in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The 2,000 acre complex is composed of 12 crop and livestock units. These include: AgronomyBeef Cattle Nutrition, Beef Cattle GrazingEmmons Blaine Dairy Cattle Research Center, Entomology, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, HeadquartersHorticulture, Plant Pathology, Sheep Research UnitSoil Science, and Swine Research and Teaching Center. The Forest and Wildlife Ecology Department maintains approximately 55 acres of trees for research. Biological Systems Engineering researchers work with many of the units across the station. There is no single focus to the station’s research; rather, the station supports a wide cross section of research.

The Wisconsin Foundation Seed Program moved into new facilities on the Station in 1988 after many years at the West Hill Farm in Madison.